polaroidpose's Journal

spit on a stranger
25 September 1985
i'm britta.
no, not like the filter.
i'm a hopeless romantic.
i was born in 85, you do the math.

you keep telling me i'm beautiful
i feel a little less so each time
your love is so colorful
it flashes like a neon sign
but i finally drove out where
the sky is dark enough to see stars
and i found i miss no one
just listenin' to the swishin' of distant cars

oh, i hope i never see the ocean again
pushing and pulling at me
as i go deeper and deeper in
'til i'm so far from my shore
so far from what i came here for
i let your surround me
i let you down me out with your din
then i learned how to swim

i was floating above myself
watching her do just what you wanted
poor little friendly ghost
wondering why her whole house feels haunted